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BS Islamic Studies with ICT

The BS (Islamic Sudies with ICT) 4 years degree programme was successfully launched with approval of the Vice-Chancellor/Chairman, Board of Governors in 2017. Admissions in this program are advertised each year in the months of August and September.

Semester - 1

Course Title Credit Hours
ENG311 English-1 3
PS312 Pakistan Studies 2
ICT313 Introduction to Computer 3
AR314 Arabic Language-1 3
ISL315 Tajweed 2
ISL316 Islamic Studies 2
Semester - 2
Course Title Credit Hours
Eng321 English-II Languages-I 3
ISL322 Study of Seerah of Holy Prophets(S.A.W)-II 2
ICT323 Office Automation 3
ISL324 Islamic Faith Mathematics 2
AR325 Arabic Language-II Concepts 3
ISL326 Political Sciences 2
ICT32 Discrete Mathematics 3
Semester - 3
Course Title Credit Hours
ENG431 English-III 3
ICT432 Graphics and Designing-I 3
AR433 Arabic Language-III 3
ISL434 Introduction to Quran Translation 3
ISL435 History and Compilationof Hadith 2
ISL436 Introduction to Fiqh and its History 2
Semester - 4
Course Title Credit Hours
ISL441 Translation of the Holy Qur'an(1-6) 3
ISL442 Fiqh al-Sunnah 3
ISL443 Uloom-ul-Qur'an 2
ISL444 Uloom-ul-Hadith(i) 2
AR445 Arabic Language-IV 3
ICT446 Computer Networks 3
Semester - 5
Course Title Credit Hours
ISL551 History of Tafseer and its Principles 3
ISL552 Textual Study of Muslim Family Law 3
ISL553 Translation of Holy Qur'an (13-18) 3
ISL554 Textual Study of Hadith I 3
ISL555 Al-Da'wah-wal Irshad 2
ICT556 Mobile and Web Technologies 3
Semester - 6
Course Title Credit Hours
ISL561 Textual Study of Hadith-II/td> 3
ISL562 Study of Islamic Fiqh 3
ISL563 Translation of Holy Qur'an (13-18) 3
ISL564 Uloom-ul-Hadith (ii) 3
ISL565 Islamic History 2
ICT566 Computer Ethics 3
Semester - 7
Course Title Credit Hours
ISL671 Translation of the Holy Qur'an (19-24) 3
ISL672 Islamic Jurisprudence 3
ISL673 Research Methodology in Islamic Studies 3
ISL674 Philosophy and Ilm ul-Kalam 3
ISL675 Comparative Study of World Religions 3
ECO676 Islamic Economics (i) 3
Semester - 8
Course Title Credit Hours
ECO681 Islamic Economics (ii) 3
ISL682 Objective of Philosophy of Shariah 3
ISL683 Contemporary Muslim World 3
ISL684 Translation of the Holy Qur'an (25-30) 3
ISL685 Thesis/Research Project 6