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BS(Computer Science) 4 Year Program

The BS (CS) 4 years degree programme was successfully launched with approval of the Vice-Chancellor/Chairman, Board of Governors in 2005.
Admissions in this program are advertised each year in the months of August and September.
Semester I
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS111 Fundamentals of Computers 3
BCS112 Mathematics-I 3
BCS113 Probability and Statistics 3
BCS114 Functional English 3
BCS115 Programming Concepts 4
Semester II
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS121 Programming Languages-I 4
BCS122 Mathematics-II 3
BCS123 Physics 3
BCS124 Discrete Mathematics 4
BCS125 Pakistan Studies/Islamic studies 3
Semester III
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS231 Digital Logic Design 3
BCS232 Database-I 4
BCS233 Data Structures 3
BCS234 Business Communication 3
BCS235 Electronics 3
Semester V
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS 351 Internet Programming 3
BCS352 Artificial Intelligence 3
BCS353 Analysis of Algorithms 3
BCS354 Programming Languages-III 4
BCS355 Software Engineering-I 3
BCS356 Network Strategies 3
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS361 Computer Architecture 3
BCS362 Numerical Analysis 3
BCS363 Automata Theory 3
BCS364 Computer Graphics 4
BCS365 Software Engineering-II 3
Course Title Credit Hours
BCS481 Software Project Management3
BCS482Natural Language Processing3
BCS483Software Project-II3
Elective (any two)
BCS484 Digital Image Processing 3
BCS485 Network Security 3
BCS486 Modeling and Simulation 3
BCS487 Database Administration 3
BCS488 Telecommunication systems 3
BCS489 Multimedia Technologies 3

Admission Procedure & Details

Aplication Form: The application for admission will be received on precribed Application form (including in the prospectus) to be obtained from the office of the Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre on payment of Rs.600/-.

Written Test: Students applying for admission are required to pass a Written Test,comprising of Isalmic Studies,and English as per the standard and Mathematics as per Secondary level.

Interview: The students who pass the Written test have to undergo an interview.

Final Selection: The final selection of candidates will be made on the basis of merit including marks in the written test, interview and candidate's academic documents.

Accomodation: Hostel facility is available at the centre and is given to students on merit basis.

Fee Structure BCS (Evening Shift)

On admission in 1st Semester Rs. 28800/- (which includes Rs. 500/- Registration Fee + Rs. 300/- DMC Verfication Fee + Rs. 3000/- Secruity + Rs. 25000/- Tution Fee)
Fee from 2nd to 8th Semester: Rs. 25000/- per semester.


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