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English Compulsory
Semester: 2, Code: ENC-152, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Text book: The Pearl (contd.), Chapter IV-VI
    1. Vocabulary building exercises
    2. Character sketches
    3. Explanation of lines with reference to context
    4. Descriptive questions and answers (requiring narration skills like incidents or happening in the novels etc.
    5. Diction: choice of words by the author.
  2. Grammar
    1. Active / Passive Voice
    2. Preposition
    3. Types of sentences with sentence construction (subject / predicate): parts of sentences
    4. Simple/compound/complex sentences
    5. Simple/Interrogative/Explanative/Affirmative and Negative sentences.
  3. Writing skills
    1. Essay Writing: choice of a topic / brains storming / Organizing and the writing process
    2. Creative writing exercises
    3. How to evoke interest of the reader
    4. Types of essays (Narrative, Descriptive, Historical etc.)
Prescribed Books
  1. The Pearl Bt John Steinbeck
Recommeded Books
  1. Highschool English Grammar and Composition By Wren & Martin

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