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Computer Science
Semester: 2, Code: CSC-202, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Microsoft Word
    1. How to start MS Word, to create, open, save, hide and close a file.
    2. How to move in a word document, selection of word, line nad paragraph, Deletion of word, line and paragraph and all document, Undo and repeat, Short cut keys, Font formatting, paragraph formatting, Introducing tables and columns, Printing.
  2. Microsoft Excel
    1. Creation of a new default workbook, cells, modify cell width and height, move between sheets, selection of cells, row, column and entire worksheet. Insertion of rows and columns in worksheet, delection of cells, spell checking, undo and redo, formatting and customizing data, alignment, indents, format and number, formulas, functions and named rages, shortcut keys.
Prescribed Books
  1. Sanders, Donald H. Computer Today, 3rd edition, Mc.Graw Hill, 1988
  2. Lonnie, Mastering Office 1997, BPB Publications, 1997
  3. Parker, Charles Ss. Computer and their applications, 3rd edition, the Dryden Press, 1993
Recommeded Books
  1. Introduction to computer, by CM Aslam, Safia Iftikhar, Babar Anwar
  2. Computer Science, by Mian Muhammad Saeed
  3. Computer Science, Practical Note books, By Dr. M. Ali.

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