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Ulum ul Quran
Semester: 2, Code: THE-503, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Islam and knowledge.
    1. Wahi: its meaning and content, types of revelation, record of revelation, review of the first and the last Wahi.
      1. The Quran: meaning, structure, basic teachings.
        1. Essential information about the Quran, its Rasmul Khat, history of its record, and preservation.
          1. I'jaz of the Holy Quran, the Quran's uniqueness in style, literary excellence, prophecies, structure, meaning and message.
            1. The Ilm of Muhkam and Mutashabih, Nasikh and Mansukh, Asbab-al-Nuzool.
              1. Commentary of the Quran, pre-requisites, kinds of tafsir, principles of tafsir.
                1. Impact of the Quran on literature, scientific development in social sciences.
                  Prescribed Books
                  1. Subhi al-Salih, Ulum al Qur'an, Lahore, translated by: Ghulam Ahmad Hariri, Malik Sons Publishers, Faisal Abad, 1978 (in urdu)
                  2. Taqi Usmani, Ulum Quran, Maktaba Darul Ulum, Karachi, 2005
                  3. Al-Suyuti, Jalaluddin, Al-Itqan, fi Ulum ql-Quran, Lahore (Urdu)
                  Recommeded Books
                  1. Al-Suyuti, Jalaluddin, Al-Itqan, fi Ulum ql-Quran, Lahore (Urdu)
                  2. M. Abdul Azim al-Zarqani, Manahil ul Irfan, Dar ul Fikr, Beirut, 1996
                  3. M. bin Bahadur al-Zarkashi, al-Burhan fi Ulum al-Quran, Dar al-Ma'arifa, Beirut, 1396 ah

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