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Fundamentals of Computers
Semester: 1, Code: BCS-111, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Basics of Computer
    1. Introduction and history of Computers
    2. Types of Computer
    3. Computer Organization
  2. Computer Software
    1. Software Introduction
    2. Types of Software
    3. PC Platform
    4. Computer Virus
  3. Data Processing and Storage
    1. Data Processing Techniques
    2. Data Storage (Bit, Byte, RAM, ROM, cache Memory, Secondary Storage (FDD, HDD, Tape, CD)
  4. The Processor
    1. Bus, Port
    2. Computer Motherboard
    3. Microprocessor
    4. Math Co-processor
    5. Memory Chip
    6. Support Chips
    7. Built-in programs
    8. Expansion Slots
  5. Input and Output Devices
    1. Input Devices
    2. Keyboard and its types
    3. Point and Draw devices
    4. Scanner, Digital Camera, Speech recognition system and multimedia
    5. Output Devices
    6. Monitor(Graphic Adopter, Size, Resolution and Types of Monitors)
    7. Printers and Types (Dot matrix, inkjet and laser)
    8. Plotters (Raster and Pen)
    9. Presentation Graphics and special function terminals (ATMs POSs)
  6. Windows
    1. Windows Introduction
    2. Finding Files, Installing Printers
    3. The Desktop and types of windows(application, document, dialog)
    4. Elements of an application window
    5. Understanding folders, copying, detecting and moving files
  7. Word Processing (MS Word)
    1. Basic concepts and features
    2. Creating, saving, editing, formatting and printing documents
    3. Working with Tables
  8. Electronic Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
    1. Basic concepts and features
    2. Creating, saving Excel sheet, editing the sheet
    3. Managing formula, formatting the sheet and printing the sheet
    4. Working on workbook
  9. Basics of Internet usage
    1. Introduction
    2. World Wide Web and Web sites
    3. Introduction to Internet based services and use of E-mail
Prescribed Books
  1. Sawyer, William, Hutchinson, Using Information Technology, 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill, 2000.
  2. J. Glenn Brookshear,Computer Science: An Overview, 8th Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2005
  3. Timothy J. O'Leary, Linda I. O'Leary, Computing Essentials, 15th Edition, McGraw-Hill's Primis Custom Publishing,2004

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