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Probability and Statistics
Semester: 1, Code: BCS-113, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Introduction
    1. Meaning of statistics
    2. Importance of statistics in various fields
    3. Population and Sample
    4. Variables
    5. Statistical data
  2. Statistical Measures of Data
    1. Measures of Central Tendency, Mean, Median, Mode and quartiles
    2. Measures of Variation: Range, Standard Deviation, Variance and Coefficient of Variation.
  3. Sets and Probability
    1. The concept of a Set
    2. Set Operations and Algebra of Sets
    3. Permutations and Combinations
    4. The Concept of Probability
    5. Theorems of Probability
    6. Conditional Probability
  4. Random Variables and Probability Distribution
    1. Concepts of a Random Variable
    2. Discrete Probability Distributions
    3. Continuous Probability Distributions
    4. Joint Distribution of two random variables
    5. Mathematical Expectations
  5. Special Probability Distributions
    1. Binomial Distribution
    2. Poisson Distribution
    3. Hypergometric Distribution
    4. Uniform Distribution
    5. Normal distribution
  6. Sampling Theory
    1. Sampling Distribution
    2. Sampling Distribution of the Mean
    3. Sampling Distribution of the differences of means
    4. Sampling Distribution of Proportions
    5. Sampling Distribution of the Difference of Proportions
  7. Statistical Inference
    1. Point estimation
    2. Properties of a good estimator
    3. Confidence Intervals
    4. Statistical Hypothesis
    5. Testing a Statistical Hypotheses Tests Concerning Means
    6. Tests Concerning Means
    7. Tests Concerning Difference between two Means
    8. Goodness of Fit Test and Test for Independence
  8. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
    1. Simple Linear Regression
    2. Least Squares estimation of the Regression Parameters
    3. Inference concerning the Regression Coefficients
    4. Linear Correlation
    5. The coefficient of correlation
    6. Properties of the coefficient of correlation
Prescribed Books
  1. Ronald E. Walpole, Introduction to Statistics, Latest edition, Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc. New York, 1999.
  2. I. Miller and J.E Freund, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1990.

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