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Mathematics - II (Calculus - II)
Semester: 1, Code: BCS-122, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Vector-I
    1. Vectors
    2. Vector Analysis
  2. Vector-II
    1. Calculus of vectors
    2. Application of Vector Calculus
  3. Infinite Series
    1. Sequence, Monotonic Sequence, Infinite Series
    2. Convergence, integral Tests, Convergence Test, Comparison Test
    3. Alternating Series, Conditional Convergence
  4. Functions of Several Variables
    1. Functions of several variables
    2. Limit and continuity of function of several variables
    3. Partial derivatives
  5. Hyperbolic Functions
    1. Hyperbolic Functions
    2. Calculus of Hyperbolic Functions
  6. Higher Integration
    1. Reduction Formula
    2. Some more techniques of integration
  7. Application of integration
    1. Line integral
    2. Multiple integrals
    3. Double and triple integrals
  8. First order differential equations
    1. Second order differential equations
      Prescribed Books
      1. Antom Howard, Calculus, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1999.
      2. George B.Thomas, Ross L. Finney, Maurice D. Weir, Frank R. Giordano, CALCULUS, 10th Edition, Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 2002.

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