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Semester: 1, Code: BCS-123, Credit Hours: 3
Course Contents
  1. Electrostatics
    1. Coulomb’s Law
    2. Coulomb’s Law and its experimental verification
    3. Electric Charge
    4. Charge quantized
    5. Electric fields
    6. Gauss’ Law
    7. Electric Potential
    8. Flux of electric field, Gausses law and its application
    9. Electric potential as line integral potentials due to charge distribution, potential and field due to bipole
    10. Capacitors and dielectrics
    11. Equation of continuity
    12. Capacity of a spherical and parallel plate capacitor, polarization of matter
    13. Gausses law in dielectrics, electric susceptibility and dielectric constant
    14. Energy density of electrostatic field
  2. Electric Current and Magnetic Fields
    1. Current and magnetic field, electric current, Ohm’s law
    2. Equation of continuity
    3. Field due to a current interaction of magnetic field with current
    4. Magnetic induction vector B. Biot Savart law
    5. Field due to a straight and circular current
    6. Ampere’s law, Ampere’s circuital theorem
    7. Fields due to a solenoid and a toroid, thermo electrically feedback
    8. Pelter and Thomson’s effect, total e.m.f in thermocouple
    9. Photo Voltaic effect pi electric effect
    10. Faraday’s law, Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and its
    11. Differential form
    12. Self induction, self inductance of a toroidal solenoid, mutual induction
    13. Mutual inductance of toroidal solenoid
    14. Magnetic fields in matter-I, magnetization vector, the magnetic intensity
    15. Vector H
    16. Magnetic energy, dia, para and ferro magnetism phlegmatic hysteresis
  3. Maxwell’s Equations
    1. Maxwell’s equations
    2. Maxwell’s equations, wave equations and its plane, wave solution in free pace
    3. Relation between the propagation vector
    4. Electric and magnetic vectors in a plane wave poynting vector
Prescribed Books
  1. Halliday, D., Resnick, R., & Walker, J., Fundamentals of Physics extended, 5th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1997.

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