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M.A Qur’anic Studies Programme General:

This programme leading to the Master’s Degree in Qur’anic Studies (to be awarded by the University of Peshawar) will be run under the semester system. Statutes/regulations will be those of the University of Peshawar approved by its Academic Council on 14-05-1984 (with amendment on 10-01-1998), and by its Syndicate on 01-09-1984. The programme consists of at least 24 courses (a total of 70 credits) to be completed in four semesters. The course also includes the writing of a thesis by the student(s) under the guidance of a faculty members(s). The topic for the thesis shall be selected in consultation with the faculty member(s) concerned by the end of the Third Semester. The medium of instruction shall be Urdu / Arabic / English.

Entrance Requirement:

Applicants to this programme will normally have a B.A (Hons.) degree from the Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar with a least C grade, or B.A with Islamic Studies (at least 2nd division), or Bachelor of Theology (at least 2nd division), or equivalent degree.

Normal First Year Entry:

25 Students.

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