• The Research Journal is published bi-annually. The medium of our Journal is English, Arabic and Urdu. The article should be clearly typed in double space, on one side of the page. Length should be 8 to 20 pages for articles and 5 or less for book reviews.
  • The copy of the article received by us becomes our possession and whether it is published or not, its return cannot be claimed. The article should be original, unpublished, research-oriented and follow the format of the M.L.A style sheet. References should be produced in the form of Endnotes and not Footnotes.
  • Mere didacticism is not entertained: instead, we prefer a critical and analytical approach. Furthermore, the subject should be of real significance for the Muslim Ummah, students and critics of Islam, and must cover, directly or indirectly, some vital aspect of it.
  • After a preliminary reading by the Editorial Board, the articles responding positively to these obligations are sent to referees/ experts on the concerned subjects. The final selection is made only after receiving the assessment of the referees.
  • The Editorial Board, however, reserves the right of excluding any article without showing cause for it.
  • Submitting an article for the Journal automatically implies that it is self-written, original, unpublished and without plagiarism. The contributor, not the Editor, will be legally responsible for responding to any objection in this regard.
  • The Editorial Board does not necessarily agree with the views of the contributor, and cannot be held accountable for any statement, comment or information.
  • Every writer of a published article is entitled to receive two copies of the concerned issue free of cost.
  • Two hard copies of the article and a soft copy on a C.D. be sent to us.
  • The articles for the next issue should reach us by hand or registered post addressed to:

    Dr. Muhammad Anwar
    Research Associate & Incharge Research Cell
    Shaykh Zayed Islamic Center, University of Peshawar
    Phone: 091-5853445 | 0321-9503501