character building in the light of seerah

It sounds like the seminar organized by the Shaikh Zayed Islamic Centre at the University of Peshawar was a significant and impactful event. The distinguished panel of guest speakers, including the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Saleem Hoved, Dr. Sayed Aamir Abdullah, Khursheed Nadeem, Professor Dr. Qibla Ayaz, and Mr. Sabookh Sayed, indicates the importance given to the subject matter.

The comprehensive lecture on the Life and Times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), with a focus on Seerat un Nabi S.A.W and its correlation with the Qur'an, suggests a thorough exploration of the Prophet's teachings and their relevance to contemporary society. The emphasis on character building is particularly crucial in shaping the ethical and moral values of individuals.

The engaging nature of the guest speaker's talk, incorporating practical examples from Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life, likely made the content more relatable for the audience. By presenting the Prophetic era as a source of solutions for both individual and collective problems, the seminar aimed at fostering a strong character among Muslim youth.

The substantial turnout of students and faculty members reflects the interest and enthusiasm within the university community for discussions on the practical implementation of Islamic principles. The conclusion of the event with Dr. Rashid Ahmad, the Director of Shaikh Zayed Islamic Centre, presenting souvenirs to the guest speakers and expressing gratitude through a vote of thanks, signifies the appreciation for their valuable contributions.