Vision & Mission


The vision and scope behind these Centres is to combine Qur’anic teachings and Arabic Studies with Computer Science and other modern disciplines __ so as to equip the young generation with the Islamic teaching and train them simultaneously in the fields of modern science and technology.


The aims and objectives of the centre are

1. To dedicate solely for furthering Islamic Studies and Arabic language both at Graduate and Post-Graduate levels and for conducting high quality research in the fields of Islamic Studies and allied subjects.

2. To offer job-oriented education to the students of Islamic Studies and Arabic language by integrating Islamic knowledge with science & technology in their B.A (Hons) and M.A level studies.

3. To produce research scholars through our M.Phil leading to Ph.D programme.

4. All degrees/diplomas are awarded by the University of Peshawar.

5. To undertake aforesaid research projects in the disciplines related to the contemporary Muslim world.

6. To keep liaison with Muslim and the western world.

7. To organize regular lectures, Seminars, symposiums and conferences on relevant Islamic topics and on current issues of Muslim World.