Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees

Shaikh Zayed Islamic Centre has a special place on campus of University of Peshawar. Its very name reminds us of the close ties with our brethren muslim country UAE. Its lush green sprawling lawns and white-marbled domed structure is an architectural beauty. It is always a pleasure to visit it. Whenever I visit it, I am not only reminded of the generous spirit of His Highness Shaikh Zayed as Sultan al Nahyan (Late) but I marvel at his zeal to promote the Islamic teachings in this unique way.

As Chairman (BoG), it is my heartfelt desire to see the centre flourish and expand successfully. I wish that the Centre may promote a true understanding of Islam through excellence in research. I urge the staff and faculty to take initiative and come up with more professional and technical study-programs in line with the Islamic Studies and the modern day requirements. To win academic excellence and professional expertise is to revert to the basic doctrines of Islam.

The last two centuries have seen a technological boom and science explosion. In the name of scientific discoveries, man has pooled the means of massive destruction so much so that the world may be destroyed multiple times over. It is time to revert to social sciences and religion once again – to make better human beings than machines. The message of water conservation was preached by none other than Islam. Who gave sanctity to human life and promoted merit, peace and justice other than Islam? The Centre has a wide domain of promoting the true picture of Islam. It shall be a great service to address the global challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah.

The cyber revolution has opened up new forums. I wish that the Centre may use them as platforms to reach out to masses at large. The Centre was established with a missionary zeal, and it must endeavor to promote Islam. I am pleased to see the launch of its website. May I say that in this age it is a must- have that the Centre should have a lively digital forum.

I wish the very best to the Shaikh Zayed Islamic Centre, University of Peshawar.