Quiz on Imam Bukhari (RA)

An Inter-Semester Quiz Competition on Imam Bukhari (RA) was held on 27th May, 2022 in the Auditorium. It was well attended by faculty and students. The Quiz was held in connection with the month of shawwal being the month in which this great scholar of Hadith was born. He passed away in the month of shawwal as well. The Quiz was preceded by a short 12 min. English documentary on Imam Bukhari (RA).

Next Muhammad Uzair a student of BS (Islamic Studies) 6th semester delivered a lecture on Ten Distinctive Merits of Sahih Bukhari Shareef. It was followed by quiz competition between the teams of 6th semester (Mr. Owais and Mr. M. Hasan) and 8th semester (Ms. Nabeela Noor and Mahnoor Yousufzai). 5 questions were asked from both teams each. The quiz ended in the first round as the team of 6th semester could not make it. The 8th semester team was declared winner of the Inter Quiz semester competition. In the end Dr. Muhammad Farooq expressed his thoughts over this activity and highlighted the landmark achievement of Imam Bukhari (RA).

The winners of the competition and the presenter of lecture were award with certificates.

Presentation on Bukhari Shareef(RA)